Of great views and deep insights into oneself

View from the Braunsbergerhof

We would like to stay here all day and just enjoy the here and now ... And while we let our gaze wander over the mountains, we find ourselves more and more. Also, thanks to the surrounding mountain scenery during the day and the sea of lights of the nearby spa town of Meran in the evening.


In spring, you can marvel at the white sea of blossoms of the apple trees from the Braunsbergerhof, and in autumn at the colourful leaves of the apple trees and vines on the sunny slopes. Enjoy the view from your private balcony, our small viewing platform in the garden or the green panoramic terrace.

Switch off and come down
Our green panorama terrace

The small goldfish pond, the splashing water and the greenery all around give you a feeling of security. It's no secret that we humans slow down and relieve stress more easily when surrounded by plants - so you'll notice how quickly you'll find peace here. 

On our panorama terrace you will find a plant board and a botanical directory, which will give you an insight into the world of plants. By the way: A large part of our tree population with Mediterranean trees and shrubs was already planted by our grandfather in the sixties.


Our feel-good rooms

Holidays begin where you forget time - in our cosy double rooms. As some things from the "good old days" were still dear to us, we have taken up some details again during the renovations and let them shine in new splendour.