General weather

During the day south westerly currents determine our weather. In the following night a cold front will cross the region.

The weather today

Overcast and during the day rainy all over the region. In the evening and during the first half of the night also heavy rain. Snow limit during the day over 2000 m, sinking during the night to 1400-1100 m. Strong winds with the crossing of the front.

Mountain weather today

Overcast and bad visibility. During the day it will start raining all over the region. Snow fall limit over 2100 m, strong southerly winds at summit level.

Temp. at 4.000m: -8°
Temp. at 3.000m: -2°
Temp. at 2.000m: 3°

14° /6°
Tue, 27.10.2020
Partly cloudy
15° /-4°
Wed, 28.10.2020
16° /-2°
Thu, 29.10.2020